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JHS TS9 Strong Mod + True Bypass

Make your Tubescreamer sound like you've always wanted it to! More transparent, smoother, better range and an overall wider amount of tones! We install a socketed JRC4558P chip as well as making vital changes in caps, resistors and more for the most well balanced Tubescreamer on earth.

You will notice twice the available gain and an even cleaner boost when needed. The Strong Mod responds just like a tube amp when you roll off the guitars volume, cleaning up beautifully. The low end is rich and focused, and the other frequencies shine through any good amp.

If you’re concerned about tone loss due to the buffered bypass of the Tubescreamer circuit, then this mod is for you. We install a high quality 3PDT switch into the case and modify the circuit for True Bypass. Never again worry about losing tone when your pedal is off.

Whether you play rock, country, blues or anything else, this pedal can find a spot on your board
JHS TS9 Strong Mod + True Bypass
Price: $199.00

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