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Shipping Options

Most orders are shipped using standard, overland 5-day delivery schedules. We use the United States Post Office or United Parcel Service under most circumstances.

Priority or Overnight shipments may be made by special request. Use the Additional Information text box to make your request.

We do not offer International Shipping.

If you need to track your shipment, please refer to your Order Number on your order Receipt. Please call our store or send us e-mail with your request and we will respond with a status report as soon as possible.

Please note that all charges are stated in United States currency. All weights are stated in US measurements (1 US pound equals approximately 0.45 kg.)

Pickup Policy

In most circumstances, we will process your order within 24 hours of receipt. We will package all items available from our shelf and charge your credit card for the amount of the items plus applicable sales tax. (For more information about our Credit Card policy, please scroll down.) We will send you an e-mail confirmation that your order is ready for pickup. A copy of your receipt or a photo ID may be required for pickup. 

If we do not have some items on our shelf at the time of packaging, we will state which items are not available in our Confirmation to Pickup e-mail. You may notify us via return e-mail or at the time of pickup if you would like us to Special Order the remaining items. Extra charges may be incurred in some cases.

If your order is not picked up within seven days of Notice for Pickup, we will return the items to our shelf and credit your account.