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Why Rent From Saied?

    Our program is…

  • Easy – Simply fill out some basic information, enroll in our automatic payment program and get approved FAST.
  • Inexpensive – Some instruments start at just $25 per month – including tax.
  • Convenient – We will deliver to your student’s school at no cost or you can stop by one of our six locations.
  • Worry Free – We only offer instruments and accessories chosen by your director AND our qualified technicians.
  • Flexible - You can cancel the agreement at any time – simply return the instrument - 3 payment minimum. (schools often require students to stay in band or orchestra for one semester.) Switch to a different or upgrade instrument with director approval and some of your payments might be applied.
  • Safe – Our Peace of Mind Coverage at only $5.00 per month covers damage that affects the playability of the instrument AND we will even replace it if stolen. All of our online rentals are delivered in a sealed clear plastic bag for your protection.
  • Secure - We host our site with a PCI Certified provider to protect your information.